Top five Ford police cars

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It seems the Ford Focus ST isn't just the wheels of choice for Regan and Carter in the crime thriller "The Sweeney" – but the nation's various constabularies have shown a keen interest too.

Ford has taken one of its new Focus ST Estates and created a one-off demonstrator decked out in full police "Battenberg" livery and LED roof lights.
The transformation from fast estate to a potent law enforcement vehicle has proved so effective, police forces across the country are now evaluating the car.

Whether you'll be seeing the rozzers in a Focus ST Estate near you anytime soon is anyone's guess, but in the meantime, we thought we'd have a look at our top five Ford police cars.

Ford police cars
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Top five Ford police cars

Before it was flown by Harry Potter, the Anglia was one of the most stylish small cars of the 1960s – especially with those fins and that slanting rear window.

While this publicity shot only shows a constable dishing out some stern words to a pondfull of unruly waterfowl, the Anglia made a decent police panda car in the '60s.

So much so the police still use the Anglia's modern day sibling – the Focus. 

Like the Jaguar MkII, the Ford Zephyr was a favourite among many a police constabulary in the 1960s.

Ford created special police versions of the Zephyr which came with a higher-powered engine, a laminated windscreen, heavy-duty suspension and nylon tyres. It's also said some policemen put concrete blocks in the boot to improve rear-end grip!

The Zephyr also played a starring role in the 1960s TV series Z Cars, and all the Zephyrs were painted in primrose yellow to make them stand out more on black and white TV screens. 

Launched in 1966, the Ford Cortina MkII Lotus wasn't quite as well-loved by the public as was the previous MkI Lotus Cortina. But police forces across the UK loved  them because it could rocket to 60mph in just nine seconds.

Ford built special versions of the Cortina MkII Lotus which boasted special features, of which the biggest change was the creation of four-door versions.

Never seen one of these before? Well it's an RS 200, the road-going version of the Ford Group B rally car of the 1980s.

To satisfy homologation rules, Ford had to build at least 200 road-going versions of the car in order to go rallying.

Sadly, there were never any official police RS200s – this is a Ford publicity shot of an Essex policeman pulling over a Moonstone Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. Shame.

Like the Anglia, Zephyr and Cortina, the Escort was well-liked by the police. But in the 1990s, Ford created police versions of its legendary Escort RS Cosworth to be used as fast patrol cars.

With its four-wheel-drive system, few cars could out run them - especially crooks in Humberside, as the police force there had their Escort RS Cosworths tuned by the Ford rally team with bigger brakes, competition suspension and a tuned engine putting out 250bhp!

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