Ryanair charges £2.49 for Android booking app

Ceri Roberts
Ryanair charges £2.49 for Android booking app
Ryanair charges £2.49 for Android booking app


Ryanair has launched an Android app to make it easier for customers to book flights on their mobiles - but unlike many of its rivals, the budget airline is charging for the service.

The new app costs £2.49 - however similar apps from British Airways and easyJet are completely free.

The Android app follows the successful launch of an iPhone/iPad app in September. It offers customers the opportunity to arrange priority boarding and check-in, review their flight options, add optional extras to an existing booking and view timetables.

Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara told Travolution: "Ryanair is pleased to launch the Android version of our app, which will allow passengers to book Europe's lowest fares, manage their booking, and keep up-to-date with Ryanair news, directly from their Android smartphones and tablets.

"Passengers can now book Ryanair flights anywhere they take their phone, day or night, ensuring that they never miss out on our lowest fares.

"Our iPhone/iPad app, launched in September, has proven to be a huge hit with passengers and we're sure Android users will be equally pleased with our new Android version."

Customers can still book for free using Ryanair's website.

Martin Lewis, creator of MoneySavingExpert.com, says: "I don't know of any other mainstream flight or other sales-based companies which charge for their apps - most realise keeping it free works.

"Yet I suspect Ryanair has done its homework and knows buying apps doesn't feel like real money, so if people are rushed, find the app and want to book they'll click 'buy' and it can pocket the cash.

"Of course, the best answer is to avoid it and go online."

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