Live shark falls from sky onto California golf course

Ceri Roberts
Shark falls from sky onto California golf course
Shark falls from sky onto California golf course


A two-foot leopard shark has been rescued after it fell from the sky onto a California golf course.

Sky News reports that a course marshall found the shark writhing around near the 12th hole at San Juan Hills Golf Club.

The shark was taken back to the clubhouse, where a quick-thinking employee put it into a bucket of salted water.

Cart attendant Bryan Stizer then reportedly used his break to drive the shark about five miles back to the Pacific Ocean.

He told the Capistrano Dispatch newspaper: When I dropped him into the water, he just lied there for a few seconds, but then he did a twist and shot off into the water."

It is thought that the shark had been caught - and then dropped - by a large bird of prey, such as an osprey or peregrine falcon, as it had two bleeding puncture marks near its dorsal fin.

Director of Club Operations Melissa McCormack told the Capistrano Dispatch: "Honestly, this is the weirdest thing that's happened here."

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