Rail rage! Abusive woman thrown off train by fed up passengers

Rail rage! Abusive woman thrown off train by fed up passengersYouTube

A young woman was filmed swearing, hitting and spitting at people on a train in Sydney before she was thrown off onto the platform by passengers.

The Daily Mail reports how the woman got what she deserved when her fellow passengers physically moved her off the train after they snapped following her abusive behaviour.

Commuters initially tried to ignore the ranting woman as she spat and shouted: 'F*** off you c****, come on you little dogs step up!'

A middle-aged man standing nearby tried to calm her down but was struck in the face.

Moments later her victims lost their patience and as the train pulled into a station, five of them took action and threw her and her bags onto the platform.

After landing on the platform floor the woman got up and tried to throw punches at the passengers on the train before a security guard arrived and escorted her away.

The video, which has been posted on YouTube, has received hundreds of hits.

One user, called Nik Nak, wrote: 'If she wants to act like a bloke and get in their faces and spit on them she should be treated like a bloke and get knocked out.'

Watch the video below. Warning: explicit language.

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