Human arm found on beach in Dublin

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Human arm found on beach in Dublin
Human arm found on beach in Dublin

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A human arm has been found on a beach in Dublin.

The limb was discovered during a gardi patrol at Shankhill Beach in south Dublin yesterday (Thursday).

The remains were taken to the city morgue in Marino for forensic examination.

Gardai said it was too early to tell whether the limb was related to the discovery of a human leg that washed up on Dollymount Strand on Bull Island off Clontarf, north Dublin, on 19 October.

It was the second limb found on Dollymount Strand over the past two years, with a man's arm found on the beach in February 2011.

DNA tests confirmed the arm belonged to convicted rapist James Nolan, 46, from Finglas in Dublin, who had not been seen since being released from Portlaoise prison the previous November, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

The discovery comes after officials in Waterford city formed a new group lobbying for government-funded DNA testing of human remains found at sea.

The Committee for the Forgotten staged a number of events in the city yesterday to highlight the plight of the families of fishermen and others who were lost at sea whose bodies have never been recovered.

At the beginning of this month, a group of teenagers uncovered human remains during a trip to a beach in Hartlepool while they were playing in the sand dunes.

The teens called Durham Police after discovering the bones, and the investigation was then passed to Cleveland Police.

A forensic anthropologist confirmed the bones are human, and they are believed to be "several decades" old, perhaps 70 to 80 years.

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