Video: Best James Bond car chases

Best Bond car chases
Looking back over the past 50 years of James Bond, one thing stands out: The car chases.

It's often said a Bond movie is just made up of two things: Pretty girls and tasty cars.
But recalling every single car chase is difficult for any James Bond aficionado. Luckily, however, there's a video which can help.

To celebrate 50 years of the Bond franchise, film maker 20th Century Fox has put together a montage of the best car moments over the past 22 Bond films.

From the film, it's clear to see the breadth of machinery JB has used. There's the famous Aston Martin DB5, naturally, but also the Renault 11 taxi, Citroen 2CV and some Rolls-Royces as well.

The film also shows us how Bond has changed through the years – from the cool Sean Connery, cheesy Roger Moore, reserved George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton, slick Pierce Brosnan and gritty Daniel Craig.

But Bond's attitude with Q on collecting his new motor has remained firmly the same: Sarcastic!

Enjoy this 1 minute 43 seconds romp through 22 Bond films.

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