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Dear Fixer,
I am a pensioner living on quite a low income and I am writing to you because I am afraid that I will be unable to pay my heating bills this winter.

I understand that my supplier, British Gas, is planning to put its prices up next month, but I would struggle to pay for the gas and electricity I need even at the current rates.

I already get the Winter Fuel Payment, but it is not enough. What can I do to reduce the amount I have to spend on heating?

D Gregory, Bristol

Dear Mrs Gregory,

One of the best ways to keep your heating bills under control is to switch to a fixed-rate plan. Not only can this save you money this winter, it will also protect you from any further price hikes over the next 12 months or more.

I know you enjoy going online, so visit a comparison website such as uSwitch or MoneySupermarket to find out which fixed-rate plan would be the best one for you.

Given your age and financial situation, there are also a number of money-saving initiatives that you qualify for.

You could, for example, get free insulation for your home from British Gas - as long as you contact the company before the end of November.

Based on the information you have given me, I think that you should also qualify for the Warm Home Discount, which could save you £130 over the winter months.

Again, British Gas (or any other supplier) can give you more information about this. Otherwise, you can call the Helpline on 0845 6039439.

If there is a period of very cold weather this winter, you should also receive the Cold Weather Payment of £25 for each very cold day.

The Fixer

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