Shocking video: Thief who left victim on train tracks in Sweden is jailed

Video: Thief who left victim on rail tracks in Sweden is jailedSouth Stockholm Police

A thief who callously robbed a man who had passed out on a train track before and left him there to be hit by a train has been jailed.

Nadar Khiari, a 28-year-old Tunisian, who was caught on security camera stealing from the man who had fallen on to tracks on a Stockholm subway before leaving him to possibly die, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for theft.

The Swedish court also ordered him to pay £1,125 in damages to the victim, and ruled that he be deported after serving his sentence.

However, he was not charged with leaving the man on the tracks, as Swedish law does not require people to help, according to the Guardian.

The incident, which happened in September, caused outrage in Sweden, and the video went viral around the world.

CCTV picked up images of Mr Khiari following the drunk passenger and attempting to rifle through his pockets as he sat at the platform.

Shocking video: Thief who left victim on rail tracks in Sweden is jailedSouth Stockholm Police

The victim, known as Johnny, 38, gets up and walks down the platform before falling onto the tracks and knocking himself unconscious.

The thief jumped down onto the track, robbed the victim, and then walked off, effectively leaving the man there to die. He even passed a guard on the way out of the station without telling him a man had passed out on the tracks.

Ten minutes after the thief left Johnny on the track, the front five metres of an oncoming train ran him over.

Miraculously, Johnny survived, but he has lost half of his left foot, and will need a prosthetic knee.

According to the Daily Mail, Inspector Dan Osenan, of the south Stockholm police, said: "He had at least six minutes to sound the alarm. If he had told the guard then he would have had time to stop the train."

The court wrote that the victim had been "in a particularly vulnerable position, lying intoxicated and injured on the subway track without any opportunity to protect himself, in danger of being killed or being seriously injured. Nadar Khiari must have been fully aware of this."

He confessed to stealing the man's mobile phone, a silver case and a gold necklace, and defended himself by saying saying he was unemployed and needed money for food and medicine.

He apologised for not alerting staff to the fact there was a man on the tracks.

See the shocking footage below:

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