Ever seen a road rainbow?

Katy Holland
Ever seen a road rainbow?
Ever seen a road rainbow?

Michael Elion/Caters

This colourful arch is a real rainbow made by an artist, who created it as part of a public display in a street in Cape Town.

Michael Elion made the beautiful show outside the Commune1 gallery in the city, along with photographers Guto Bussab and Bart Fouche.

Passing members of the public jumped up to touch the magical phenomenon - although Michael said a pot of gold was not found.

The rainbows were created out of water vapour and sunlight, generated using a high pressure pump powered by a petrol motor.

As water leaves the tank it is atmozied by a special nozzle, making it an exact size which can generate the rainbow effect.

Michael said it took almost a year of hard graft working with the physics of the display to make it successful: "I started trying to create a rainbow in 2009. I had been surfing and mist was blowing off the waves out to sea, every now and again a perfectly circular rainbow would appear in front of me and then disappear.

"It was such a powerful and enchanting phenomenon that I wanted to try and recreate one inside a frame as an artwork.

"Through that process I started investigating how rainbows are formed, and how to create bigger ones. I first successfully created a large rainbow in 2010."

"People really loved it. On the day the photos were taken people were dancing in the street and jumping around like children.

For more information about Michael's exciting work visit: michaelelion.net.