Mystery surrounds's modified motor's car's modified motor has been seen on the back on a recovery truck in Los Angeles.

The Black Eyed Peas star – whose real name is William James Adams – owns a modified car built by West Coast Customs.
He spent $700,000 on creating it, and the car is based on the iconic DeLorean and a Dodge Challenger.

But curiosity is mounting after the car was spotted being towed by a recovery truck this week.

Travelling along Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, the prized motor, finished in a fetching shade of white, was transported to an unknown location in full-view of passers-by.'s car

The incident is the third to occur to the Black Eyed Peas star. In August,'s motor was stolen while he was at a party for his new album.

On discovering his prized car gone, he tweeted: "My car was stolen...what the f**k..?

"Where is my f**k*ing car...??? This isn't funny anymore."

And earlier this year, the car was impounded for not displaying a registration plate.

What has happened to's car is unclear. We'll report back when we hear more
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