Motorists: Prepare for winter driving

Winter driving top tips
As the clocks go back this weekend, motorists are being told to prepare themselves for winter driving.

Online specialists Car Loan 4U has published some top tips drivers should be bearing in mind as the days get shorter.
Low winter sun is a danger for motorists' visibility, says the firm, as is dirt, snow and heavy rainfall. Ensuring windows are clean, wiper blades are up to scratch and windscreen washer fluid has enough anti-freeze in it should be high on drivers' checklists too.

Car Loan 4U also advises drivers should be taking care in heavy rain. In such weather, braking distances increase, therefore slowing down to allow enough time to pull up safely is a good idea, as is keeping sufficient distances from other motorists.

Winter tyres also forms part of Car Loan 4U's top tips. The firm says less than five per cent of motorists were planning on buying winter tyres last year, yet some 63 per cent of drivers didn't believe they had the skills to handle driving in all weather conditions.

Car Loan 4U co-director, James Wilkinson, said: "As the nights get colder, more and more drivers will have to adjust their driving style to the weather conditions. With the clocks going back this means that many drivers could be on the roads at dusk – which is often considered a difficult time to drive.

"For those motorists searching for a new car on finance, it could be worth getting one before the winter weather really kicks in so that the driver is familiar with the vehicle to suit their driving style in different weather conditions."

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