British tourists worst at speaking languages abroad

Roshina Jowaheer
British tourists worst at speaking languages abroad
British tourists worst at speaking languages abroad


British travellers are the worst at speaking another language fluently, a new survey has revealed.

It could be that we're expecting other nationalities to speak English or pure laziness, but only 11 per cent of Brits can speak another language, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The study found that 22 per cent of Brits cannot utter a single foreign word and other European tourists are better at conversing on holiday.

Travel website TripAdvisor, which conducted the research, found that Germans were the most talented of the 6,258 European travellers questioned. 70 per cent of Germans are able to speak another language fluently and just one per cent are unable to speak a foreign word.

Over half (51 per cent) of Italians who took part in the survey said they were fluent in a second language, as were 50 per cent of French travellers and 43 per cent of the Spanish.

While most Britons are not fluent, 67 per cent admitted they make an effort to be understood and are able to speak basic words in a foreign tongue.

The survey found that of the 2,508 Britons questioned, 74 per cent expected people they meet overseas to speak English and 19 per cent expect public signs in English as well as the local language.

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