Videos: How to remove an engine... quickly

Removing the engine from a car is a costly, time consuming and difficult task.

For the cost of a piece of rope, this method makes engine removal easier than checking your oil and quicker than a pit-stop in Formula 1.
We can't recommend using their particular method, but you have to admit it is, at least, an efficient method of engine removal.

The poor VW Golf Mk3 had clearly seen better days and the 2.0-litre engine was apparently already past its best.

Putting the new replacement engine in the car may prove difficult though, as in the process, other vital components, including the front cross member, were ripped clean from the car.

Another equally efficient, if not so cheap, method of engine removal comes from the Royal Marines.

Their process, although slightly slower, not only involves removing the engine from the now classic Ford Escort – which was probably brand new when this video was shot, check out that windmill jumper – but also includes replacing and plumbing in a brand new engine in under 40 seconds.

And to prove it's not fake, they all then climb aboard to drive the car to the finish line some 10-feet away.

Now if only all garages were run by the Royal Marines...
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