Man killed and eaten by bear in Alaska

Man killed and eaten by bear in AlaskaGetty

A man has been killed and partially eaten by a brown bear in Alaska.

The victim has been tentatively named as Tomas Puerta, 54, who left for the south east Alaskan city of Sitka for Chicagof Island on Thursday afternoon, and was reported missing when he hadn't returned by Sunday.

A partially consumed body was found late on Sunday after boaters reported an aggressive sow with cubs near an unattended skiff, according to a Sitka police statement.

According to the NY Daily News, Sitka Police Lt Barry Allen said authorities have sent the body to the state Medical Examiner's Office to confirm cause of death and make a positive identification.

He said authorities were working to "dispose of those bears involved," as, in this case, it is likely they could attack again.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game supervisor Doug Larsen said state officials do not usually kill bears that maul humans in acts of defence, but bears that are considered predatory or dangerous are killed. He added that judgments are made on a case-by-case basis.

According to ABC News, Puerto was a tree-thinner who had made a grocery run, and was returning to the job site with a load of food, but suffered an engine problem.

Mr Allen said the police department sent its emergency response vessel to investigate after the passers-by saw the empty boat and aggressive bear. Sitka Mountain Rescue and an Alaska State Troopers also took a boat to the scene.

Officers found a backpack and evidence of a campsite. Allen said: "They found where he built a fire on the beach, and some groceries."

They also found evidence of a struggle, following a trail of disturbed vegetation and articles of clothing to the human remains, which had been partially eaten. The remains had been cached within 50 yards of the beach.

Items found at the scene and information from Puerta's family and friends strongly indicate he was the person attacked.

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