Video: Driver gets her own back on tow truck

We've all wanted to get our own back on clampers – now one motorist has done just that.

It's hard to get away from traffic enforcements officers these days: yesterday, news surfaced that one such civil servant was caught not only concealing his enforcement camera with a local rag but also parked on double yellows the whole time he was on duty.

Today, we've found one motorist who took matters into her own hands, when she returned to find her car about to be towed away.

Having returned to find her car strapped onto the back of a tow truck, she confronts the driver, arguing for the release of her car. Unfortunately, the official is having none of it and her pleading falls on deaf ears.

Click play on the video below to see what happens when she reaches breaking point and how she managed to stop the tow-truck driver towing her away, despite her car already being loaded and strapped down.

In the UK, clamping on private land is now illegal and rights to tow an 'illegally' parked vehicle have also been severely cut down. On the public highway however, these laws still stand - unless you're a traffic enforcement officer.

There are rumours online that the video was staged as a publicity stunt for Chevrolet - fake or not, we still like the fact that parking attendants appeared to be getting a taste of their own medicine.

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