Munich man finds car he lost after party - two years ago

Munich party-goerAndreas Gebert

A party-goer from Munich in Germany has been reunited with his car - two years after losing it on a night out. The man had parked up in December 2010, gone out drinking for the night, and when he returned to the spot he thought he had parked in, the car had gone.

Police found it last month. So what had happened, and could partying land you in similar trouble?


Last month, a traffic warden noticed that one car didn't seem to have been moved - and the inspection stickers had expired, so he contacted the police. They had a record on their file that a 33-year-old man had lost the car back in 2010.

His mistake had been to forget where he parked - because the car showed up 4km from the spot where the man was convinced he had left it.

Police spokesman, Alexander Lorenz, told Reuters: "The weird thing is that it turned up so far away, although the owner was pretty sure of where he had left it." Fortunately for him, the £32,158 worth of power tools were still safely locked in the boot.

Could it happen to you?

It's a happy - if somewhat embarrassing - ending for this Bavarian man. But while we must all wonder how anyone can be 4km out when trying to remember where they've put the car, most people have done something a bit daft after an evening on the tiles.

The experts warn that combining the wrong activities with too much drinking can cause more than just embarrassment. If you're out and about, you are more likely to become a target for thieves, as your awareness of your immediate surroundings can be dimmed.

However, it doesn't take a criminal for a night out to prove an expensive mistake. According to, 16% of people have lost their keys whilst intoxicated - which can make for a nasty surprise when you return home.

Damage at home

If you stay in, you're less likely to leave your belongings around town, but you're not out of the woods. According to MORE TH>N Home Insurance staying in can be a highly costly business.

The major risks they identified were breaking valuable items after falling over whilst drunk (3.33 million incidents a year); forgetting to remove the keys from the lock after returning drunk from a heavy night out - leaving the house open to burglary (2.2 million incidents) causing a kitchen fire after falling asleep when cooking food (1.16 million incidents), causing a flood after falling asleep and leaving kitchen and bath taps running (1.08 million incidents); and causing a fire by leaving candles burning (599,104 incidents).

... all of which makes losing your car for a couple of years sound like perfectly reasonable and sensible behaviour.
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