Video: Driver survives 120mph truck crash

Driver survives 120mph truck crash
Having your brakes fail at any speed would be terrifying. But imagine it happening when you're hurtling into a tight hairpin corner at 120mph at the helm of a racing truck.

This is the exact situation Brazilian Super Truck racer Diumar Bueno found himself in during a practice session at the Guaporé Circuit in Brazil over the weekend... and amazingly he survived to tell the tale.

Careering towards the tight corner, it was clear from his entry speed something was badly wrong. With a crash inevitable, Bueno threw the truck onto the infield grass, in an attempt to avoid other racers and to try and shrug off some speed, but with the truck now completely out of control, Bueno was utterly helpless.

A raised bank threw the 5.5 tonne leviathan into the air, allowing the truck to clear the width of the track completely before smashing straight through the outer circuit wall and down a 45ft embankment.

Unbelievably, Bueno survived the massive impact and was taken to hospital in the back of an ambulance suffering with just two broken legs and a broken arm! His truck, however, was less lucky and got completely destroyed in the crash.

The only recognisable piece left was the massive engine block, which was physically ripped from its mountings in the impact. The rest of the truck, and the wall it hit, were decimated.
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