Dubai residents complain about bare-chested beachgoers

Dubai families fed up of bare-chested beachgoersGetty

Locals in Dubai are kicking up a storm about male beachgoers walking around with bare torsos, claiming they are not sticking to the local decency laws.

According to Emirates 24/7, Hathim Barak, an Egyptian businessman, said of his experience at Dubai Marina: "My wife and my two daughters were with me, and these men did not have a shred of clothing on their upper body.

"Many people were staring at them, but they hardly seem to bother."

When asked whether the men were coming off the beach, Barak replied: "They did not look as though they just had a swim. But even if they are, they should know that public decency expects them to wear a T-shirt or wrap a towel around them at least."

The British embassy in their 'Understanding the UAE' section on their website, states: "Clothing should not be transparent, indecently expose parts of the body or display offensive pictures or slogans.

"Any form of nudity is strictly forbidden, including topless sunbathing.

"Swimwear should not be worn in any other area outside the beach, water parks, or swimming pools."

Anne Jonathan, an events manager from Australia, told Emirates 24/7 that it is common to spot men walking around bare-chested, especially in the new Dubai areas.

"I have seen it many times in Marina and the JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) area. I don't know what these men think when they jump into a lift without their shirt on, and walk to a nearby supermarket.

"In our home countries, it may be common but it is embarrassing to see these people behaving with utter disrespect to the laws of the country."

A Dubai police official said they have had complaints, adding: "We reason with the person involved and more often than not, that person understands.

We do not want to start arresting people for this, but people should be aware and dress appropriately in a public place."

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