Is this the wettest autumn for 12 years?

Ceri Roberts
Is this the wettest autumn for 12 years?
Is this the wettest autumn for 12 years?


After weeks of heavy rain and floods the Met Office has said that England and Wales are well on course for the wettest autumn since 2000.

We've already had the wettest summer for a century and, although we had a brief respite from rain in early September, forecasters warn that there's plenty more on the way.

The Daily Mail reports that England and Wales recorded 132mm of rain from September 1 to October 10. With more rain forecast, this is expected to rise dramatically before the month is out, taking us closer to the the wettest autumn on record, when 302mm fell in 2000.

Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell told the Daily Mail: "There's no let up in the pattern, with bands of rain next week interspersed with drier periods."

In the coming week we can look forward to showers on Monday and Tuesday, followed by rain on Wednesday - and a flood alert issued for the southwest.

The weather is expected to be unsettled, with rain and strong winds up to the end of the month.

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