Video: Rescuers spend three hours 'saving' stranded goat before it hops away

Video: Rescuers spend three hours 'saving' stranded goat before it hops awayYouTube

A team of rescuers spent three hours trying to save a goat they believed to be stranded - only for it to hop off on its own accord when they got near it.

The female goat, known as "Black Rock Billie", had been stuck on a ledge outside the village of Cornholme, near Todmorden, West Yorks, for around five days.

Villagers had called in the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team after concerns the animal was stuck with no food or water, and just inches away from a 40ft drop.

However, as rescuers got near Billie using ropes, she jumped onto nearby rocks before leaping 10ft into a field below.

Team leader Al Day, who works as a paramedic, told The Daily Telegraph: "We were contacted by Cornholme residents who were concerned that their community goat, "Black Rock Billie" had been stuck on a narrrow ledge for five days.

''A couple of villagers had already attempted to rescue the goat themselves using makeshift ropes and the police were worried that someone might fall and seriously injure themselves so we agreed to turn out to help.

''The ledge was also crumbling so of course it was a worry that the goat herself, which was something of a local celebrity in the village, might fall.

''There was quite a crowd of villagers at the scene but we formulated a plan with the RSPCA to lower one of our team members down to the stricken goat to coax it away along the path it had taken to get onto the ledge.

''Our guy got down to the ledge from the opposite side of the path the goat had originally taken and as a result she trotted off the other way to safety.

''Another of the team had been on standby with a harness on the side just in case but he wasn't needed.

''Billie appears to be none the worse for her ordeal, much to the relief of her local admirers. It is fair to say she is now safely eating grass and contemplating the day's events.

''It was one of our more unusual rescues. Normally we help walkers who need rescuing from the moors and we helped out during recent flooding. But it is rare we are called upon to rescue animals.

''On this occasion the locals were cheering and clapping us and one lady was so grateful she gave the rescue team a substantial donation.''

See the footage here:

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