Bargain books: German firm to launch £10 eReader

Caroline Cassidy

The eReader market is about to be shaken up by a new bargain gadget. According to its German makers, the txtr beagle will "do best what eReaders are intended for: reading digital books" - and it's set to be priced at just £10.

Txtr launches £10 eReader
Txtr launches £10 eReader

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While the popular Amazon Kindle retails at £69 in the UK, the txtr beagle has simply done away with expensive extras in order to offer consumers a cut-price eBook reading experience.

There are no connecting cables, no Wi-Fi and no web browsing capabilities - just a 5in E-Ink display with 800 x 600 resolution and the buttons needed to turn pages and select books.

Txtr insists the low-power display means each set of AAs will allow readers to take in around 12 to 15 books before changing the batteries, and in new books can be downloaded to the gadget via bluetooth from their mobile phones.

These no-nonsense features mean the beagle is, according to txtr, the smallest and lightest eReader on the market.

The firm's website says: "Unlike other eReaders, there is no need for chargers or cables. The location of the batteries not only creates an elegant silhouette but also becomes an ergonomic feature as it rests easily in the palm of a hand."

While it may not boast the capabilities of the Kindle Fire or the upcoming iPad mini, what the txtr beagle does is offer consumers a cheap and cheerful way to enjoy eBooks.

What do you think? Would you buy the txtr beagle or invest in the pricier Kindle? Leave your comments below...