Take the fifth exit... into oncoming traffic

Take the fifth exit...
Sat navs are undoubtedly very clever bits of kit – plotting out the fastest route to a destination in seconds, and even re-routing drivers around traffic jams.

As with any piece of technology though, they're not all-knowing entities – something a young driver in the North East discovered to her cost
As reported by Chroniclelive.co.uk, Nicola O'Shea, a 20-year-old estate agent from North Tyneside, found herself heading towards two lanes of oncoming traffic and a police car – having driven down a slip road the wrong way.

With the device reportedly commanding her to leave a roundabout (pictured) at "the fifth exit", O'Shea unwittingly heeded the directions – ending up on the wrong side of the busy A167 road that passes through the centre of Newcastle.

Understandably, O'Shea "panicked" when she realised what was happening, but managed to bring the car to a stop, Newcastle Crown Court was told. She was then able to reverse her car back up the slip road - police car in toe.

Passing two no entry signs on the roundabout and a pair of arrows half way down the slip road, she was charged with careless driving – receiving seven points on her licence. A recent appeal saw that number reduced to five - with her solicitor pleading that six or more would see O'Shea lose her five month old licence altogether.

Defending, Richard Herrmann told the court that her actions followed "a momentary error. It was an unintentional mistake that was quickly recognised."

Surprisingly though, it doesn't sound like O'Shea is taking the narrow escape too seriously. "I'm planning on buying myself a new Clio," she told ChronicleLive.co.uk, "and I am going to continue using my sat nav."

Let's just hope Renault's in-built TomTom systems are a little more slip-road aware...
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