Home decorating trends for autumn

Are you looking to overhaul, update or just add a few finishing touches to your home this autumn? Here's our round up of the latest decorating trends - and how to make them work in your home.

Cushions from M&S

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Industrial chic
The utilitarian look is still going strong and these days there's no need to search through salvage yards. Stores up and down the country are stocking stylish industrial pieces that are all about form and function. (Check out the 'Salvage' lighting range from Next and try John Lewis for industrial style floor lamps). This kind of scheme works best when the workings of the building are exposed - think bare brick walls and polished cement floors.

50s style
Another trend that shows no signs of waning is the mid-century modern look. Update existing wooden furniture with a warm stain, contrast pastels with bright colours or simply add a sharp-angled retro piece for a modern take on the 1950s era. The slim furniture typical of the era works particularly well in rooms where space is a challenge. Try Ikea for low, long cabinets.

Get crafty
Crafts are enjoying a real resurgence and the 'homemade' look is in - whether you've spent hours creating it yourself or bought it from a shop. You don't have to be a whizz with a sewing machine - even hand sewing on a few embellishments, like buttons and bows, to existing pieces can make all the difference. Visit the haberdashery department of your nearest department store for inspiration.

Go geometric
They've been storming the catwalk and now geometric prints are hitting homewares too. The strong lines and shapes work well on larger surfaces, such as tiled floors, rugs and throws, and can add interest to homes with a neutral colour scheme.

The little extras
Redecorating and refurnishing your entire house isn't the only way to get a stylish new look. Simple touches taken from this year's key trends can brighten up and rejuvenate your home.

In the kitchen, prints and stripes in bright hues can be found on all your essential items, from biscuit tins to tea towels, and will give the heart of your home a burst of autumn colour.

Animal motifs are proving popular too. Look out for foxes, hares and owls adorning homewares this season - try M&S for cushions (pictured above).
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