DVLA bans a raft of rude registrations

Motorists who have spotted a way of creating a rude word from a number plate could well be disappointed this week.

Some 250 registrations that could be interpreted to be offensive on an "11", "61", "12" or a "62" number plate have been banned by the DVLA.
Among the plates that haven't passed the DVLA's sense of humour include "DR12 UGS", "DD12 UNK", "BU62 GER", "HE12 OIN" and "LE61 ESS" which could be construed as inappropriate by some road-users.

And ruder ones which implied sexual connotations have also come under the DVLA's rude radar. A raft of 12 and 62 number plates that end with 2HAG and 2LUT have been blacklisted, as too have plates which end with "BUM".

Terrorism is also a touchy subject with the DLVA; "AF61 HAN" and "J--1 HAD" are banned.

The DVLA said: "We have withdrawn them as they could cause offence or embarrassment on the grounds of political or racial sensitivities or are in poor taste."

Every year the DVLA bans a number of registrations. A couple of plates thought to be blacklisted next year are "AB13 ORT" and 'SO13 OMY".

It seems if motorists do want to have a unique registration on their car, the DVLA would much rather they used their personalised registration service and create their own name rather than resort to rude plates.
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