Avoid this Tesco Bank free shopping voucher scam email

TescoThere's another new scam doing the rounds and this one promises a free shopping voucher – in exchange for your credit card details.

I've just received a scam email supposedly from Tesco Bank. So far, so mundane, you might think. But what's different about this one is that it promises a free shopping voucher.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%
It's aimed at Tesco credit card customers (or 'owners' as it describes them, in one of many instances of poor English), and I'm not one, so that was that.

But if you do have a Tesco card, beware scammers supposedly bearing gifts.

To 'register' for the 'offer' you'll click a link to go through to a webpage where, you've guessed it, you'll have to input your credit card details.

As I've said, the English in the email isn't great – the subject line is 'Tesco Bank Is Offering Your A Free Voucher For Shopping'. But given Tesco is famed for its vouchers, it could be easy to be seduced by the promise of a freebie and miss the obvious giveaway signs.

It's another new ploy by scammers, but don't fall for this and other shopping scams. As ever, just delete the email and move on.

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