Honda recalls thousands of CR-V cars due to fire risk

Honda CR-V 2002-06
Honda is recalling thousands of CR-V SUVs across Europe and America over fears the driver's door could catch fire.

Four incidents have been reported in the United States while there has been one case of an owner "smelling something burning" in the UK.
Honda is recalling nearly 300,000 British-built CR-Vs from the USA and 220,000 in Europe – 77,000 of those belong in the UK.

"The recall affects owners of the CR-V built between 2002 and 2006," a Honda UK spokesperson told Autoblog.

"We are recalling them due to a faulty driver's window switch."

The spokesperson admitted 77,000 is "a significant number" and added: "We are waiting on finding out the VIN numbers of affected CR-Vs from the DVLA. We will be writing to CR-V owners this week to notify them."

In the meantime, if Honda CR-V owners are concerned, Honda says they should contact their local dealer or speak to their customer contact centre on 0845 200 8000.
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