Couple cancel luxury honeymoon to pay for pet dog's chemo

Ruth Doherty
Couple cancel luxury honeymoon to pay for pet dog's chemo
Couple cancel luxury honeymoon to pay for pet dog's chemo


A newlywed couple from Wales cancelled their luxury honeymoon - and used the money to pay for their pet dog's cancer treatment instead.

Clare and Ceri Morgan, from Swansea, Wales, were due to fly out to Las Vegas when they found out their five-year-old American bulldog Teeto had cancer.

The pair were told the dog would need an operation and chemotherapy costing £7,500.

Mr Morgan told the BBC: "We had no hesitation, we had to use the money for his vets bills."

Mrs Morgan added: "We told the vet that it didn't matter about the money, just do whatever it takes to make him better.

"We can go on honeymoon again when we've saved up but a dog is for life and we want Teeto around for a lot longer."

Teeto had his right leg amputated and received a course of chemotherapy to fight cancer that had developed in his right shoulder.

The couple say Teeto is "managing very well" after undergoing his operation and treatment.

According to the Daily Mail, Teeto was taken to a vet in July after Ceri spotted a dog with similar symptoms being diagnosed with cancer on a TV show.

Ceri said: "I looked at Teeto and he looked at me as if to say, 'You should watch this'. It was absolutely crazy how everything fell into place. If I hadn't seen that show, we would have lost him."

The couple travel more than 80 miles from their home to a centre near Bristol to take Teeto for treatment every three weeks.

Mr Morgan added: "We had to do it. Don't get me wrong, the honeymoon that we wanted was a dream honeymoon, but it doesn't make a difference."

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