Sixth Briton dies in Balearic balcony fall

Ceri Roberts
Sixth Briton dies in Balearic balcony fall
Sixth Briton dies in Balearic balcony fall


A man on a family holiday in the resort of Ciutadella, Menorca, has become the six Briton to die in a hotel fall in Spain's Balearic Islands this summer.

The Daily Mail reports that Paul Clough, 41, died in hospital from the injuries he sustained after falling from his third-floor hotel room at 3.30am on Saturday.

Police are investigating the circumstances, but early indications suggest that Mr Clough accidentally fell through a gap in the balcony and into the garden below.

Metro reports that he sustained spinal fractures, chest injuries, multiple rib fractures and a broken left thigh bone.

A spokesperson for Mateu Orfila Hospital on the island told Metro: "He was in a critical condition when he reached hospital and died around 6pm on Sunday after his condition worsened."

A total of 12 people have died following similar falls in the Balearic Islands this summer, including six Britons. Of these, four Britons have died in Magaluf, Majorca and another died in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Paul Abrey, Consul in the Balearics, said: "Some people have fallen whilst climbing to a friend's apartment, others have simply lost their footing after a few too many drinks and a few have deliberately jumped off aiming for the pool below.

"It should go without saying these practices are extremely dangerous and can cost them their life or leave them permanently disabled."

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