Ryanair steward sacked thanks to mystery passengers

Ceri Roberts
Ryanair steward sacked thanks to mystery passengers
Ryanair steward sacked thanks to mystery passengers


A senior cabin crew member has been sacked by Ryanair after a 'mystery passenger' complained about his conduct on flights.

The Irish Examiner reports that Ryanair staff are aware that mystery passengers sometimes travel on flights, but are not aware of their identities.

Now, an Employment Appeals Tribunal has ruled that Giuseppe Vairo, from Bergamo in Italy, was not unfairly dismissed after his performance was assessed in this way.

Mystery passengers identified serious safety breaches by Mr Vairo, during two flights in 2009.

Although the nature of the breaches were not revealed, the airline claimed that Mr Vairo was guilty of gross misconduct and a mystery passenger gave evidence that she would not have been happy for her family members to travel on the flight.

Mr Vairo admitted that he did not follow some of the airline's procedures but claimed that he had flexibility in applying the rules.

The tribunal rejected his claims that he had met the mystery passenger at a party in Italy a few years early and that she had a personal vendetta against him because he rejected her advances.

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