Caterham reveals new face-bending tool

Caterham's new Superlight R600
If you thought Caterham couldn't make a faster version of its Seven, then think again.

The sports car firm has released details of its new Superlight R600 race-ready car – and headlining the news is that it's the fastest Caterham Seven racing car to date.
The British lightweight is also the first Caterham ever to be supercharged thanks to a 2.0-litre Ford Duratec engine, producing 275bhp.

Total torque is 271Nm – that's a 10 per cent increase over the current range-topping Superlight R500.

Standard equipment includes a limited-slip differential, slick and wet tyres and a six-speed, sequential gearbox.

The firm expects to create a racing series next year with 16 cars on the grid, and 30 entrants the year after.

Caterham's new Superlight R600

Simon Lambert, Caterham's chief motorsport and technical officer, said: "Caterham racing just got even more interesting.

"As the fastest Seven we've ever built, this will provide our existing R300 racers with a real step up and a new and exciting challenge, even for experienced drivers.

"The R600 represents an increase in aggression, although the linear power delivery of the supercharged engine makes it superbly driveable, much like the R300."

The bad news is that you'll have to fork out £44,995 for one.

Autoblog is anxious to have a go in the R600. This is what happened when we drove the lower-powered Superlight R400 last year. This reporter's face hasn't been the same since...

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