Well-groomed men take to pre-wedding pampering

Caroline Cassidy

The average woman spends months ensuring that her appearance is fabulous for her wedding, but it seems blushing brides aren't the only ones splashing the cash on pre-wedding pampering.

grooms spend £300 on pre-wedding grooming
grooms spend £300 on pre-wedding grooming

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According to a new survey, grooms are now spending an average of £300 on getting their skin, hair and teeth in tip top shape ahead of their nuptials.

Topping the list of must-do treatments was a hair cut with 49 per cent getting a new do for the big day, while a trip to the traditional barber's for a cut-throat razor shave ensured that 37 per cent of respondents were stubble-free.

But a hair cut, shower and shave were just the tip of the iceberg for others. Some 23 per cent confessed to having their teeth whitened, 16 per cent opted for a professional fake tan, and a brave 11 per cent endured a waxing session.

Six per cent who went for a professional eyebrow-plucking session, and five per cent left no stone unturned, getting a mani-pedi to be sure even the extremities were well-groomed.

Some even decided that plastic surgery was an essential, with six per cent forking out for cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, a nose job or a penis enlargement in order to impress the bride.

And while £300 was the average spend, five per cent of those quizzed admitted to splashing £1,000 of their hard-earned cash on pre-wedding pampering.

However, 12 per cent had no intention of going metrosexual, and had no plans for any extra grooming before the big day.

Martin Roberts, spokesperson for menswear retailer Jacamo, which carried out the study, told the Daily Mail: "It seems most grooms really want to treat themselves to make sure they look their best on the big day.

"It is no longer embarrassing or uncommon for men to spend time and money on grooming, clothes or pampering treatments."

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