Tweet to win Mii: Special Twitter comp to win a car today

Win Mii
It's only been on sale for a few months but Spanish firm Seat has announced it will be dropping its Mii city car...

...From a crane.
In an innovative social media competition, one lucky person will be catching their very own brand new Seat Mii city car as it plummets to the ground this afternoon thanks to Twitter.

From midday today, a Mii will be suspended on a crane, 35 metres above Potters Fields Park in London's South Bank.

The Spanish firm has teamed up with Auto Trader to create "New Car Drop". All Twitter users have to do is tell the Twittersphere exactly why they deserve to win the Mii.

Their tweets should have the tag: #winMiiwithAT and should be posted from 12pm today.

The most witty, creative and original tweets will be given over to Auto Trader's panel of judges who will decide which Twitterer deserves the prize.

Seat UK will be using its official Twitter account, @SEAT_cars_UK, to tweet live pictures from the show today, and re-tweet some of the most interesting competition entries.

So, get tweeting...
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