Monsoon heiress Zara Simon in 20ft Ibiza nightclub balcony fall

Monsoon heiress in 20ft Ibiza nightclub fallRex

The daughter of Peter Simon, the founder of high street fashion giant Monsoon, is wearing a neck brace after a nasty 20ft fall from a balcony in an Ibiza nightclub.

Zara Simon, a 31-year-old jewellery designer, fell from a balcony inside the popular hotspot after leaning against an unprotected gap in the railings.

The family has decided not to sue, but have taken steps to ensure it does not happen to any other holidaymakers.

According to the Telegraph, Peter Simon said: "She had a very nasty fall as she fell through an unprotected gap in the railings they had at this club.

"She immediately made it her mission to make sure that the club fixed this gap so that it doesn't happen again.

"I am pleased to say this has been done."

Zara, who has a home in Ibiza, is a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London, and her jewellery line is popular with stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

Meanwhile, just two weeks ago, a British holidaymaker died in Ibiza after falling out of a fourth-floor hotel room while being sick.

Michael White, 27, reportedly slipped and fell while vomiting from a window at the Hotel Orosol in San Antonio.

Paramedics found him dead at the scene.

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