Cost-hit drivers delay maintenance

car mechanicSebastian Kahnert/DPA/Press Association Images

Motorists are delaying having their car maintained because of the soaring cost of driving, a "worrying" new study has revealed.

The survey of 2,000 drivers by Halfords found that car owners were also cutting back on nights out or leisure activities so they can keep their cars on the road.
Many of those questioned said they had cancelled visits to family or friends, only visited people close to where they lived, and offered to share lifts with work colleagues because of the rising cost of motoring.

Halfords said a worrying trend was delaying essential car maintenance, while some people had switched from main dealerships to cheaper garages.

Halfords commercial director Paul McClenaghan said: "It is clear that families cannot give up their car - it is an essential part of their everyday lives.

"The cost of motoring is having a painful impact on people's pockets but putting off maintenance really is a false economy.

"By choosing to ignore obvious faults or manufacturers' advice, drivers are only delaying the inevitable and likely to increase the eventual cost when something fails - as well as potentially putting both themselves and other road users at risk."

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