Whale watchers thrilled by close sighting of albino humpback Migaloo

Whale watchers thrilled by close sighting of albino humpback Migaloo, famous whale migaloo, migaloo australia7 News

Lucky whale watchers off Australia's Gold Coast spotted the country's famous albino humpback Migaloo in the first confirmed sighting since 2009.

The Herald Sun reports how fans of the elusive, all-white whale were sent into a frenzy as they observed him breaching and swimming off Moreton Island late on Wednesday, before he was spotted again at about 10am on Thursday beyond South Stradbroke Island.

A report on 7 News shows Migaloo at arm's length to whale watchers in possibly the world's closest encounter with the celebrity whale.

Speaking to the news service, one tourist said: 'Just the greatest experience I've ever had.'

After enjoying a winter holiday in Far North Queensland, Migaloo is now on his way back to chilly Antarctica for the summer.

Albino Migaloo is named after the Aboriginal word for 'white fella'. He was first sighted in 1991 when he was the only known white whale in the world.

Since then an albino calf has been spotted with its protective mother near Sydney and is believed to be the offspring of Migaloo, unofficially named MJ (Migaloo Junior).

Watch 7 News' video report of Migaloo being spotted in Australia below:

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