Fowlty Towers: Luxury hotel for chickens opens in Kent

Roshina Jowaheer
Fowlty Towers: Luxury hotel for chickens opens in Kent
Fowlty Towers: Luxury hotel for chickens opens in Kent


A hen-loving hotelier has turned her passion into a business and launched a luxury hotel for chickens.

Julie Smith told ITN News that she decided to open the guesthouse for privileged hens after demand grew for the service in her rural Kent community.

The hotel, named Fowlty Towers, was created when Julie was regularly asked to look after her friends' feathered pets while they were on holiday.

'A lot of people asked what they would do when they went on holiday with the hens,' said Julie, who has 13 hens of her own.

'So I started looking after them as a favour and then I thought well it might be a bit of a business and we'll try and get them sorted.'

The hens are not just stuck in their chicken coops, as Julie gives them the five-star treatment, allowing them to roam free in the hotel's fox-proof garden, taking them for walks and even on outings to her local pub.

'Of course the best place for any animal including hens would be in their own home, that's what they're used to, but I try and offer them service where they get as good as home,' she said.

'I think that they bring them to me because I give them individual attention, as I say they are pets so I care a lot about them.'

Watch ITN News' video report of the opening of Fowlty Towers in Kent:

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