Citroen chops the roof off stylish DS3

Citroen's new DS3 Cabrio
Citroen is hoping to tempt customers away from Mini and Fiat showrooms with its new convertible version of the DS3 premium hatchback.

Badged the DS3 Cabrio, it features a full-length fabric sunroof (nobody mention the 2CV) and - like the Fiat 500C - keeps the main roof structure and side windows intact.
As on the Fiat, the DS3's soft-top doesn't take up valuable space in the boot - instead folding and sitting atop the modified boot lid.

While that does benefit practicality, we can't help but think the Citroen may suffer from some rear visibility issues - a problem that also blights the Fiat.

The trade off is that sun-seekers can open the roof at up to 75mph - something you can't say of either the Mini or the Fiat - and only 25kg has been added to the standard car's weight.

The Cabrio will probably be available with a similar range of engines and trim levels to the hatch, and will go on sale from early next year.
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