UK electric vehicle land speed record broken

Nemesis beats UK land speed record for EVs
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's an electrically-powered Lotus Exige, which has broken the UK land speed record for electric vehicles.

The car, originally bought on eBay, was modified by a selection of Motorsport engineers based in the car's home county of Norfolk - with development funded by UK wind farm owner Ecotricity.
Driven by 21-year-old Nick Ponting, an estate agent from Gloucester, the ''Nemesis'' managed an average of 151mph over two timed runs on an airfield near York yesterday.

The previous record was held by Sir Malcolm Cambell's grandson, Don Wales, who managed 137mph in an electric recreation of the famous Bluebird back in 2000.

Ecotricity aren't celebrating just yet, though - in fact they're still gunning for more. "The driver says it could have been faster," Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity told The Guardian. "We think [the car] will top 150mph before we leave here today."

The Nemesis isn't the first Lotus-based electric car, with Tesla's Roadster famously using the Elise as a platform.

While the Nemesis may have a higher top speed, already topping the Tesla's 125mph limit, the American-built Roadster does beat it on range - managing 240 miles to the Nemesis's 150.
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