Audi Crosslane concept paves way for Q2

Audi presents the crosslane coupe
Audi has revealed its new Crosslane concept to the world at Paris - giving an idea about the design direction the rumoured Q2 crossover could take.

Appearing as a 'dual mode' petrol-electric hybrid, the Crosslane combines a three-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol engine with two electric motors to provide 174bhp and the 'equivalent' of 256.8mpg.
With a space frame made from aluminium, carbon fibre and - in something of a first for Audi - fibreglass, the Crosslane weighs just 1,390kg - despite its heavy lithium-ion batteries.

Audi presents the crosslane coupe

A three-door body style gives the Q2 a sporty look - similar in profile to an A3 with a raised ride-height - while a removable centre roof panel also lets it pass as a convertible.

Described by the company as a '2+2' seater and measuring 4.2 metres long, the Crosslane could well be described as the Q3's little brother, and is designed to appeal to "young customers in particular".

The Crosslane is just a concept for now, but with a gap in Audi's line-up for a three-door Range Rover Evoque rival, who knows what the future may hold.
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