Storms are over... but we haven't seen the last of the rain

Ceri Roberts
Storms are over... but we haven't seen the last of the rain
Storms are over... but we haven't seen the last of the rain


As we recover from the worst September storms that we've seen for three decades we can, at least, look forward to some calmer weather today.

However we haven't seen the last of the rain and can expect some more unsettled, showery weather as we move into the weekend.

Fortunately, the rain will be nothing like the downpours that we've seen so far this week, which have caused devastating floods all over the UK. Some of the UK may escape the rain altogether, although it's likely to be windy with heavy showers in Scotland, and the South East might also see some rain as a band of low pressure heads north.

Dan Williams, a spokesperson for the Met Office, told AOL Travel: "Today, the weather will be much calmer and it will be bright with sunny intervals in most places.

"We can expect the weather to be unsettled for the next couple of days, but this is fairly typical for this time of year.

"There will be some showers, but this will be nothing like the rain we saw earlier this week, which was the most intense storm of the last 30 years."

Unfortunately, we can't look forward to the temperatures that we enjoyed last year, when we were basking in 30C heat.

Instead, we can expect temperatures of up to 21C in London next week, which isn't at all bad for October.

Dan Williams says: "It's around ten degrees cooler than it was this time last year, but we're still well above the seasonal average for October, which is 14C.

"Now that the storm has moved south we can look forward to some fairly typical autumnal weather."]

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