Pay as you tweet: the first Kellogg's 'Tweet Shop' opens

KelloggsYou can now use a tweet instead of cash to pay for the latest product from Kellogg's. But how does it work and will other retailers follow?

Shopping and social media have formed a new collaboration this week as Kellogg's has opened the first ever shop where you can buy its new crisps in exchange for a mention on Twitter.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%
The 'Tweet Shop' is located in Meard Street in London and allows customer the chance to try the new range of Special K Cracker crisps for free when a review is posted on Twitter.

How it works
It's a clever marketing stunt from Kellogg's to promote its new range of savoury snacks, which usually retail for 60p a pack.

It also shows the way retailers are using social media networks to launch new products and promote their brands.

When you visit the store in Soho, you'll be met by a host of 'Special K girls' dressed in the signature red dresses associated with the brand.

Tweets are then checked before the low-calorie crisps are given away. This not only allows people to try the snack for free, it also boosts the number of reviews and mentions the products will get across the internet.

Many brands already use Twitter and Facebook to promote their businesses and although the shop is only open for a limited time and based in London, it's an interesting move and is likely to be followed by other retailers across the country.

The shop is located at 13 Meard Street and is open until Friday at 5pm.

Reactions from Twitter
The Tweet Shop is having an impressive impact on Twitter already. Tweets containing the hashtag #tweetshop include:

"Mmm sweet chilli cracker crisps from #tweetshop - awesome concept!" @Saifington

"What a genius idea! How exciting." @m_schield

"Just at the #tweetshop what a great new initiative. Love a box of Special K!" @missdbrown

"At the #tweetshop - getting my crisps. For free. In exchange for a tweet. Must be the future." @Dariasaur

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