The bickering kids that are causing crashes on the roads

Mums are being distracted by their kids on the school run
Mums on the school run are being so badly distracted by their children that they risk being involved in an accident, according to new research.

Two thirds of parents who ferry their children to and from the school gates said they found their kids a distraction while driving, with half of those revealing that their youngsters repeatedly fought with each other. Four in ten mums said they had been involved in an accident or had had a near miss while dealing with the issue.
Two thirds of working mums also told researchers from Korean carmaker Kia that they often felt the school run would make them late for their next destination.

With all this back seat bickering going on, it's perhaps no wonder that 59 per cent of parents would opt for a safe alternative to driving the kids themselves, if one was available.

And the good news is – help could be at hand, or perhaps we should say 'on foot'. Kia are highlighting their walking bus scheme which is being launched at various schools around the country.

Jonathan Nelson, headteacher at St Mary Bourne Primary School in Hampshire, is a fan of the idea. He said: "Walking to school makes sure children are alert and ready for the day, and it also teaches them about road safety as well as the benefits of not using cars all the time.

"On average there are over 30 children walking to school every day as part of the scheme, so the support we get from our local Kia dealership makes a real difference."

There is a flip-side for some school-run parents, though - the calm after the storm. After they've dropped the kids off, half take the opportunity to put some music on, while one in three said they just enjoy the blissful silence.

Do your kids repeatedly stress you out? Would you be happy to enrol them in a walking bus scheme? Let us know.
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