Sea air linked to longer life

elderly couple on beach benchIf you took the old music hall tune 'I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside' to heart, there's a good chance you might remember when the song first became famous in 1909. Why? Recent figures from the last census have revealed that living by the sea can have a very beneficial effect on your life span.

Unrounded figures from the last census were released yesterday and the seaside borough of Rother has taken the top spot as home to the most centenarians comparable to the local population in the UK. According to the data published in the Telegraph, the total population of the borough is 90,600, with 66 people over the age of 100.

But it's not just Rother. According to the table in the Telegraph, seaside areas Worthing, Eastbourne and Bournemouth all feature in the top 10 areas for the 100s and over. The full data from the census is available on the ONS website.

Something in the sea air

So what's so special about the sea? According to research released in July, living within a kilometre of the sea can make a small but significant improvement in your health and wellbeing. While there was no definite answer given to why this was the case, the researchers highlighted a more relaxed pace of life and a more obvious opportunity for exercise in terms of walks along the coast, as potential reasons for the improvements in health.

Cost of living

Unfortunately, as with most of the good things in life, living beside the sea does come at a premium, with house prices in seaside towns more than doubling over the last 10 years.

According to property website Zoopla, the average house price in seaside town Bexhill-On-Sea in Rother is £206,663 - below the UK average of £233,736. Research by Halifax earlier this year revealed the most expensive seaside town as Salcombe, with the average house prices hitting £528,920.

10 most expensive seaside towns in England & Wales (average house price)
1. Salcombe £528,920
2. Sandbanks £525,927
3. Aldeburgh £418,415
4. Padstow £382,806
5. Dartmouth £381,788
6. Lyme Regis £373,841
7. Lymington £350,287
8. Wadebridge £348,986
9. Budleigh Salterton £348,514
10. Bigbury on Sea £319,557

10 least expensive seaside towns in England & Wales
1. Newbiggin-by-the-Sea £75,063
2. Withernsea £92,356
3. Fleetwood £101,457
4. Blyth £102,828
5. Blackpool £104,747
6. Maryport £107,434
7. Seaham £108,742
8. Hartlepool £110,273
9. South Shields £111,457
10. Workington £113,962

Data: Halifax Seaside Town Review

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Sea air linked to longer life

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