Students at Thorpe Park to be breathalysed and sent on The Swarm if drunk


Theme park managers at Thorpe Park are introducing breathalysing tests for students after too many have vomited on rollercoasters while drunk.

The number of people who are sick on rides has increased by 250 per cent since the beginning of Freshers at universities.

But far from being refused entry, those found to be over the limit will be directed to the park's most extreme rollercoaster, the Swarm, which gives the "ultimate adrenaline rush" as it hurtles riders through the air head-first at up to 60mph and then spins them 180 degrees

Why? Because research supported by the park has found the blast of fresh air on The Swarm is exactly what queasy riders need to settle their stomachs and avoid being sick.

The move comes after managers have been forced to deal with years of excitable students jumping on to rides after enjoying a few drinks beforehand to up the thrill.

Ending in an inevitable vomiting session, 'sick shutdowns' on rides have become commonplace as staff are forced to close popular rides while cleaners clear the mess.

The research, which was carried out by neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis, found the blast of oxygen at high-speed improves drunk riders' metabolic rate, which boosts speeds at which toxins are broken down.

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director for Thorpe Park,said: " Thorpe Park does not condone drinking and riding... By putting them on The Swarm, we are confident our guests will have a great, and hopefully vomit-free, day."

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