Have we got nozzles for you! Biggest petrol station opens

Shell opens Britain's largest filling station
Remembering which pump you used to fill up your car has just got a whole lot harder.

Motorists on the M25 will now be able to shell-out their hard-earned cash at Britain's largest ever filling station.
The Cobham Service Area is now home to a brand new Shell filling station offering drivers the largest selection of nozzles in the country to choose from!

The site in Surrey can serve around 3,400 cars courtesy of 36 pumps, and the facility also offers autogas – automotive liquified petroleum gas, in other words.

HGV drivers can pop into the filling station for a drop of diesel too thanks to six dedicated high-speed pumps.

As any motorist will know a filling station is not just about gas. A good station will offer a large selection of tempting treats to make those long arduous motorway journeys just that little bit more bearable.

Cobham's filling station won't disappoint at the facility expects to sell 210 litres of piping hot coffee and up to 300 snacks a day.

The filling station opens following a £75 million investment from Extra MSA Group, and is part of a large-scale programme by Shell. By the end of the year, the firm expects to have opened 250 more sites and added 400 forecourt attendants to 300 of its company-owned sites.

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