74 people fall ill with vomiting virus at Hilton Hotel in Wales

74 people fall ill with vomiting virus at Hilton Hotel in Wales
74 people fall ill with vomiting virus at Hilton Hotel in Wales

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A total of 74 people have fallen ill with a viral infection at the Hilton Hotel in Newport, Wales.

An investigation is being carried out after 51 guests and 23 staff were affected by a viral infection, which is probably norovirus.

People started to become ill last Tuesday, and reported symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting.

Public health officials said the outbreak was not linked to a function or event, but was passed by someone originally infected.

Measures have been put in place at the hotel to prevent further spread of the illness.

Dr Lika Nehaul, a consultant in communicable disease control with Public Health Wales told the BBC: "Investigations carried out by Newport City Council's environmental health team indicate that the illness was consistent with a viral infection passed from person to person, most likely norovirus."

"Gastrointestinal illnesses like this can be easily passed from person to person and it is therefore important that anyone who has had vomiting or diarrhoea should not return to work or school for 48 hours after their last symptoms."

A spokesperson for Hilton Worldwide told the BBC: "Unfortunately a number of guests and team members at Hilton Newport recently contracted symptoms consistent with norovirus, a virus passed from person to person.

"At Hilton Newport the wellbeing of both guests and team members is of paramount importance and as such, stringent existing health and safety procedures were immediately enacted as soon as we became aware of the reported illness.

"The hotel remains in close contact with the relevant local health and safety officials, who are satisfied with the measures implemented and no illnesses have been reported at the hotel for over 48 hours.

"Hilton Newport remains fully open for business and any guests with any queries about their stay are welcome to contact the hotel on 01633 413737."

The symptoms have been described as "unpleasant but short-lived" and not serious unless a person is already in a vulnerable health group.

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