Let it DB5 - McCartney's Aston Martin up for auction

"Baby you're a rich man" - or rather the new owner of Paul McCartney's Aston Martin will need to be, as it goes up for auction with an estimated price of £380,000 this October.

The blue DB5 was ordered in 1964, just before the Beatles embarked on their world tour, and came complete with a black leather interior and Philips Record Player.
Sir Paul was separated from his Aston back in 1970 though with its latest owners likely "Fixing a Hole" or two during its extensive restoration after the Beatle clocked up an impressive 40,000 miles.

Equipped with a four-litre six-cylinder engine and a top speed of 143mph the DB5 was quite the "Ticket to Ride" in the fast lane back in the '60s, and arguably still is.

If you're after something a little more breezy though, don't worry – there's a rare open-top model up for sale in the same auction.

The 1964 DB5 Convertible is said to be one of just 123 examples built, and has a documented ground-up restoration that's brought it up to the impeccable condition it is now.

Both – along with the Mercedes 300SL we reported recently on Autoblog – are up for sale in RM Auction's 31st of October Event held in Battersea, London. "Day Tripper"s are welcome, subject to purchase of a £70 auction catalogue.
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