Easyjet plane in double emergency landing drama

Ruth Doherty
Easyjet plane in double emergency landing drama
Easyjet plane in double emergency landing drama


An Easyjet holiday plane headed to Spain from England had to make an emergency landing in Bordeaux after the jet's windscreen cracked.

And, just a week later, the same plane making its journey back from Malaga also had to divert to Bordeaux because a passenger on board became ill.

Andrew Hickson and his fiancée Julie King were on the flight, and experienced both diversions.

Andrew told The Sun: "I still can't believe it. Once is rare but twice at the same airport is unthinkable."

The couple flew out on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Andrew added: "We were told there was a crack in the windscreen. We came down hard. Thank God they were good pilots.

"On the way home we were told we were being diverted to Bordeaux again. It was amazing."

An Easyjet spokesman apologised for any inconvenience caused, and said the first landing was merely "precautionary", while the second was for the wellbeing of the passenger concerned.

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