Brits baffled by flat-pack furniture

Caroline Cassidy

It's cheap, simple and supposedly hassle-free, but it seems we Brits are still baffled when it comes to assembling flat-pack furniture.

brits confused by flat-pack furniture assembly
brits confused by flat-pack furniture assembly

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Despite the continued popularity of stores such as IKEA and Argos, some 44 per cent of adults in the UK admit to struggling with the 'easy-to-follow' instructions and Allen key assembly - and three quarters say they would rather pay someone else to do the hard work.

In fact, eight per cent confessed they would happily fork out more than £100 for a flat-pack whizz to put their purchases together.

The survey of 1,500 people, by trade recommendation service, revealed that nine out of ten homes contain at least one piece of flat-pack furniture but almost 50 per cent refused the self-assembly option.

The 18 to 34-year-olds relied on dad to master the nuts and bolts, while 56 per cent of women freely admitted they didn't know where to start.

On the other hand, 74 per cent of men insisted on doing the job themselves - even though one in ten adults confessed it took a whole day to build one piece and 26 per cent dedicated half a day to the job.

In response to Britons' flat-pack despair, has launched a new service to its website, offering to match customers to tradesmen who are happy to take on the task.

Tariq Dag Khan, from the online service, told the Daily Mail: "More and more people are coming to us for help building flat pack furniture, so it seemed sensible to offer this as a new category in itself on the website, to help match our customers with the right tradesmen."

He added: "We hope that by offering this new category we'll be helping make life that little bit easier."

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