MG offers £3k for your old banger

Remember the scrappage scheme? As deals go, MG Motor UK's latest bid to attract reluctant UK car buyers into its showrooms blows that government lifeline to UK Automotive plc, right out of the water.

The Chinese-owned brand is offering what it reckons is the most generous trade-in deal on a new car in the UK.

Turn up at an MG showroom with any old banger – provided it has an MOT ticket for at least 14 days – and dealers will give you an allowance of £3,000 against a new MG6.

That means customers could drive away in the mid-sized hatch for as little as £12,455 – and whatever you make of the curiously attractive Anglo-Chinese offering, it's a pretty cracking deal in these economically-straitened times.

Under a separate deal, MG Motor is also offering MG6 buyers what it says amounts to free fuel for 15,000 miles. New customers will get a Fuel Genie card with a value of up to £2,400, which can be redeemed at Tesco or Morrisons fuel stations.

Clint Cordle, MG Motor UK's marketing manager said: "These are both exceptionally good deals on MG6 GT fastback and MG6 Magnette sports saloons which already offer great value for money with high levels of standard equipment."

If nothing else, the deal should pique the interest of anyone with an old fit-for-scrap smoker. With sales activity running at a glacial rate, the company needs people to notice its 1.8-litre turbocharged hatchback.

Despite a BTCC campaign with champion Jason Plato in the driving seat, the SAIC-owned former British marque persuaded just 6 people into an MG6 last month.

That's one less than sadly departed Swedish maker Saab shifted from beyond its corporate grave.
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